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      "Papa on the look-out?"

      "It's I who'm t?aking you to the Fair, remember," he said, his hand on her arm.

      "We've got to stop them"

      "My lord, those arrows were used in a foul purpose; and Stephen Holgrave will never disgrace his hand by using them again. The time may come, my lord, when the malicious coward who stole them shall rue this day!""Wot's worth while?"

      "He's a tedious contradictious old fellerhe desarves all he's got. Let's git up a subscription fur himthat ud cut him to the heart, and he wudn't t?ake it, so it ud cost us naun, nuther."

      Every now and then the crowd would break into the latest rhymings of MacKinnon's poet:


      "Surely we are all responsible men" Rogier began.



      Every day there is a school. Every day there is hard work. Marvor says that freedom means doing for yourself what you want and deciding right and wrong. I say freedom is bad because the masters know right and wrong and we do not. Others say with me: there are some who know the old truths and think it is better when we, too, can understand right and wrong.